BOGAX, your modern payment gateway

Maximise your profitability by shortening transaction times, increasing acceptance rates, decreasing chargebacks, all whilst not losing security.

Shortening transaction times

With a smartly built system, BOGAX allows payments to go through smoothly and without interruptions.

Earn Profit - by increasing acceptance rates

BOGAX has sophisticated machine learning routing rules based on card BIN, IP address and country etc. The more it's used, the smarter it gets. It learns to get the acceptance rates higher by matching customers to the most appropriate processor.

Save Money - by decreasing chargebacks

With a machine learning scoring algorithm, BOGAX slashes chargebacks and refunds for our merchants. Our fraud detection system runs in real time and only requires a few milliseconds to track suspicious transactions. Not just that, we also apply scoring rules to classify each payment to grade transactions and categorise risk. It also learns what's likely to cause a chargeback, so it won't be fooled again.

Meet your next payment processing partner

BOGAX backs global companies to get paid faster with one of the most secure and advanced payment platform ever developed. Our transparent payment solutions can be integrated into all business platforms, allowing them to offer their customers the convenience they deserve.

We aim to bring innovation to the payment industry and are making our way to give the world completely touchless payment gateways.

Accept worldwide transactions with BOGAX’s self-hosted payment gateway

Facilitating a frictionless flow of payments while keeping transaction data encrypted between merchants andcustomers for a risk-free experience

Self-Hosted Payment

Removing friction between the merchants and customers while encrypting the transactional data for a risk-free payment experience.

Secure Payments

Advanced APIs streamline security and customers' experience during a payment transaction while providing merchants and customers with virtual payment options.

AWS Infrastructure

Build on AWS infrastructure, allowing you to make payments in real-time while increasing agility and building confidence in the most secure and resilient cloud.

Bogax NXT Företag AB is a certified Level 1 Service Provider for PCI DSS

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Why choose us?

Touch-less Payment Options

Enabling customers to make transactions anytime anywhere with industry-grade contactless payment options.

PCI Compliant Platform

PCI Compliant payment solution, providing secure channels for making transactions.

Process Payments in a Blink of an Eye

Powered by AWS cloud system to allow merchants and customers to make payments in real-time without friction.

Enhance Customer Experience

Balancing security and speed to provide customers with an enhanced experience while maintaining privacy protocols.

Personalized Technical Support

24/7 customer and technical support to overcome clients' ambiguities in a matter of seconds.

Data Protection For Secure Transaction

Self-hosted payment gateway, providing a secure route for customers to make transactions at glance.

Easy to Integrate

BOGAX offers plug-n-play integration options that will enable you to provide your customers with seamless and countless payment experiences. Our APIs and self-hosted payment gateway are tailored to your business requirements.

Integrating our services can allow you to accept payments on your website while managing recurring transactions and keeping the data encrypted, everything in real-time.

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